HomeChoice.properties plays middleman in choice of home

- By Utkarsh Bharadwaj (Renowned Real Estate Consultant)
Whenever I asked a friend or associate, what was the procedure he/she followed to search for a residence, the answer varied right from “I usually search for property according to the location I desire or I prefer selecting one based on the no. of rooms I want in my residence or want a place in a setup that has this certain list of amenities”. Thus varied the answers, suggesting that people do have specific requirements and thus need to be provided with options so as to help them make the right decision.

Having mentioned all the above points, me and my team had a slight tilt in our conclusion. We realized that the first preference in the choice of home was the choice of location. People wanted to select the location first which was based on either the distance from their work place or distance from the nearest mode of transport like the station or the bus stop or even the distance to the kids’ school played a major role to choosing a home.
To continue our discussion, let us have a look at our favourite solution – www.homechoice.properties and see if it correctly assists us in our search for a home.

We consider a usecase wherein the user enters the location as Hinjewadi, Pune , based on this search the system needs to provide the list of residences available in Hinjewadi, Pune.
If the user wants to find a particular builder for e.g. the renowned builders in Pune Yashwin Javdekar (www.javdekars.com) in Hinjewadi, Pune, then the solution should provide all the more specific details towards the search criteria that include the list of properties belonging to that particular builder.


Search for a property

Thus the search criteria provided returns back the list of properties related to the particular builder. Hence we can see that the search in the above solution proves to be very user friendly.

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