Pimpri Chinchwad – Change in scene and society

PCMC-2Pimpri chinchwad’s journey

Couple of decades ago, when fathers had to get their daughters married off they preferred boys with government jobs. Slowly trends changed and if the boy had a fixed permanent job in Telco or Bajaj or any of the big automobile companies, he would be the most sought after, thus was considered a perfect match for the girl. Then usually owning a house or flat would be a combined affair i.e. father and son would have to equally invest in order to be able to buy property. Owning property used to be considered very prestigious.
Then people who owned a reasonably sized 2BHK flat used to be considered quite well-to-do. There were limited no. Of properties and attached to them the amenities which was next to nil. But slowly times started changing. The IT industry found the Pimpri-Chinchwad area very comfortable for their growth, which was by area wise as well as language besides the climate being so wonderful. They decided to hugely invest in Pune. Thus changed the scene of the society in Pune. Increase in no. Of jobs resulted in the increase of population which directly affected the growth of real estate in the city.
From there being just single building constructions, there started the development of huge colonies more called as construction schemes. Land which was considered as barren or not worthy of much , got converted into huge projects. They schemes not only had huge units but they also started paying lot of attention to “amenities”, a word that would only be heard while describing 5star hotels. People not only wanted a place to live, they also wanted more and more facilities within the gated area of their residence.
Now the marriage scene started changing too, the question wouldn’t finish at if the boy had a house, but continued to ask how many flats did he have and if there was a chance of investment in the near future.
Earlier all that people wanted was water, light and some fresh air. Now the list would not stop too easily – Clubhouse, gym, multipurpose hall, amphitheatre, jogging track, cycle track, etc etc…the list doesn’t end too soon.
The roads have huge property billboards which makes it even prettier thanks to bollywood here too, banners, pamphlets are distributed etc all displaying property ads. I always knew fair to be places where usually children eat, drink, play and be merry, now there are even property fairs, exhibitions etc.,
Pimpri-Chinchwad was always known as the wealthy industrial town, but now it is also a majorly booming property hub. We just have to wait and see how it decides t grow all the more.

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