Pune’s Real Estate Buzzing Zones by HomeChoice

1. - Utkarsh Bharadwaj (Renowned Real Estate Consultant)

In the gone days, approximately a couple of decade years ago, whenever Hinjewadi was mentioned it meant that we were talking about a village, which was surrounded and survived on farming. Most of us really didn’t know about this village since the only means of transport to this village was the bullock cart.

But now in this current day, even a child could tell you that Hinjewadi not only houses one of the largest IT parks in the country ( located in the PCMC area of Pune city ) but it is also one of the most sort after real estate zones in the city. From having almost zero residential presence to a whopping million dollar skyline, the scene and society of Hinjewadi has completely been transformed.

A similar story lies with another rural area, Kharadi. Till recent times this village Kharadi was just another village on the outskirts of the city. As the IT sector grew so did the demand for residences grow. That is when these rural areas like Kharadi came to the rescue and assisted in the increasing residential requirements of one the fastest growing cities in the country, Pune.

2Another village that needs to be mentioned is that of Marunji which lies on the western outskirts of the city and lies in close vicinity of Hinjewadi. Once a rural zone is now one of the fastest developing residential areas. Developers are seeing increasing prospects and thus will contribute to making the living conditions better, thus adding to the retail boom and economic growth on the whole. With Hinjewadi, the IT hub five minutes away from Marunji only increases the prospects and soon enough Marunji too will soon be another Hinjewadi – the most sort after residential hubs in PMC, PCMC.

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