HomeChoice - FAQ


  1. I want to buy/lease a property. How do i approach you?

    Ans: Vsit www.homechoice.properties. Finish the registration process and get the options of your choice.

  2. Why should i  pay INR500 as registration fee?

    Ans Part A: you should become lifetime member with homechoice, maybe as buyer/referral channel partner.

    Part B: Advantages and Benefits you may get as a registered buyer with HC.


  1. 3 site visits as per the buyer requirement.

  2. You avail: HC discount (*guaranteed discount than market /builder rate.

  3. Add on cash of minimum

    25,000 - Lease

    50,000 – Buying

    25,000 - Referral benefit

  4. You may get preference over other buyers as HC showcases properties at early –brd stages

  5. Chances of getting property of your choice is much higher than other brokers.

  6. Details slots of payouts as Buyers/Lease/Referral


                    Minimum 75Lakh – 1.5crore à50,000

                    1.5crore – 2.5cr à 1lakh

                    2.5cr- 3.5 cr à 1.5lakh

                    3.5cr- 4.5crà 2.5lakh

           Lease Buy

                           Minimum lease cashback of – 25,000 onwards

           Referrral Benefit – Pay 500 and give/share unlimited referral       

                Minimum 75Lakh – 1.5crore à50,000

                1.5crore – 2.5cr à 1lakh

                2.5cr- 3.5 cr à 1.5lakh

                3.5cr- 4.5crà 2.5lakh



  1. What is HC discount guarantee?

    Ans: HC promises discounted pricing than market price / builder price. Hence to avail the best possible rates in the market & discount guarantee by HC get registered immediately. Is followed by registration account.


  1. What is HC referral program ?

    Ans: Get registered as a referral channel partner with HC and get sure shot monetary benefits on every closure of the reference provided by you.

    Refer to Q2 for monetary benefits. 


  1. What are the advantages of becoming a referral channel partner?


    1. You become lifetime member of HC  community.
    2. You may provide referrals lifelong

    3. You will surely get monetary benefit post every closure of the deal

    4. Minimum assurity of referral benefit may begin 25,000 onwards on a referral of minimm 75L



  1. Is registration fee refundable?

Ans: YES, only if you register as a buyer. And refund is possible only if HC is not producing any options as per your requirement within 15days.

Refund mybe done in next 48hours post  15day window.


  1. What is the validity of the registration fee (500Rs)?

    Ans: it is a lifetime validity for a buyer as well as referral channel partner registration.


  1. What is the minimum investment plan HC operates?

    HC is  a premium property advisor and consultants. We operate only properties worth min 75L onwards.


  2. What is the role and responsibilities of HC P?


  1. HC deals with only RERA registered projects.

  2. HC provides best price and options as your requirements

  3. HC discount is guaranteed

  4. HC provides further monetary discounts

  5. HC assists in

    1. Leasing

    2. Financing

    3. Registration & Legal Assistance

    4. Interior Decor

    5. Reselling

    6. Complete Asset management of your property portfolio

    7. HC provides BEST and initial level inventories so that buyer may get options of choice

    8. HC provides complete marketing, selling and promotional solutions to developers

    9. HC is one stop solutions for all sorts of real estate needs and solutions